Excellent Technology from Experience and Tradition.
Air compressor of kyungwon Machinery Company is a history of Korean domestic air compressor.
Since established in 1970, we have done our best to develop and distribute air compressor
technologies, and innovate the quality, which made possible for us to be titled as number one in the air compressor producing area.

For the third time in the world, the first time in korea, we implanted oilless scroll air compressor system in 2004, which was developed purely by kyungwon technology.

In addition the only one full producing system of air compressor in korea is a pride of kyungwon
Also, with a goal to be a leading company, kyungwon deployed 34 dig agencies in korea and 5 overseas agencies, so as to provide domestic and world markets with the better service. plus, in order to actively deal with the rapidly changing business environment, we globally reinforce investments and partnerships with developed companies, which enable us to extend market from North America to Europe, China, Southeastem Asia, and Middle Asia.

To meet customer s expectations, we introduce the optimal business system, run the technology institution, localize foreign technologies, and use high tech devices and test facilities to cover designing, producing, and testing compressors.

Besides, we dispatch our people abroad to develop a new technology.
In terms of marketing strategy, we challengingly introduced a brand marketing, which has not been tried in similar industries.

We named a air compressor product as AIRBOY.
AIRBOY is a combined word by air and BOy.
A main energy source, AIR presents a sincerity of Kyungwon while BOY presents a vision for the future.
Just like expectation to a boy who has a dream and prepares for it.
we expect the better future. kyungwon will continuously try to grow with the progressive vision and the clear belief.
By all staffs of Kyungwon